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Hal and Betty are separated, though they manage to find each other in all the chaos. She claims that he can't do anything for himself. [5], Having learned that Betty and Jughead secretly visited Polly at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, he questioned if Betty had found what she was looking for while she was there. Shortly after she got pregnant, Hal disowned Polly as he refused to have as he puts it "Blossom blood in his household". So Hal picked up his father's sword, so to speak and continued the work that he and Hal's grandfather started. She and Jughead express their love for one another before starting the quest. Aside from Penelope, Cheryl was also there. She too wanted him out of the house. Hal gets another visits from Betty. Featherhead and the Sisters of Quiet Mercy were poisoned as well. However, by the time Betty arrives, Hal is gone, but Dr. Masters, is dead. Betty recalls the affair her father had with Penelope in the middle of the Black Hood attacks last year. Riverdale season 4: Archie Andrews set for more struggles after death. Status Hal telling Chic that he is filling Polly's void. As for selling the Register, he explained that Hiram Lodge offered a fair price, half of which he was willing to give to Alice as long as she was willing to agree to set him free immediately. 14 Questions Show answers. The Blossoms stole their livelihood, he'd die before he allows them to steal his daughter too, Jason made her sick, so she's not returning home until she's no longer sick. Later, Hal is visited by Betty while in lock-up. As Betty signs out, the guard informs her that she and her mother keep missing each other. The Black HoodMarshmallow Man (by Cheryl) So when Veronica tells Betty that Hal Cooper died on Riverdale, there's reason to be skeptical. Log in sign up. Hal is unconscious long enough for Betty and Alice to call Tom Keller, who arrives soon thereafter. Despite being so adamant against seeing her father again, Betty does just that, by going down to the prison to vent. He even scolded Betty for bringing Chic into their lives and into their home, more specifically, Polly's bedroom. But that’s when Chic came to Penelope in search of purpose. Hal recalls Betty speech at the 75th Anniversary Jubilee, where she says that the town must do better. She says all this to potentially bait Hal, who she suspects of being the Black Hood. Later, at the dinner table, Betty reveals to Hal and Alice that when the Black Hood was first killing people, he was also calling her, asking her to do things as they were alike. Alice refused an abortion and instead gave the baby up for adoption once he was born. Out of fear that Betty would follow through with her threats, Hal left the house.[22]. She had already made arrangements at the Farm. Hal enters the living room, pleased to see that Betty made it home. Alice then asked Betty if Polly was alright and if the children were healthy. Later on in the evening, he stood alongside Alice, as Hiram gave his speech, promising to reinvent Riverdale. However, Hal hasn’t signed yet, wondering if Alice is seeing someone. Hal Cooper hardly has anything to do with the plot of the reboot until issue 24. The second half of Clifford's assets were to go to his true heirs, Cheryl and the now deceased Jason. She wonders why Hal has it. (1981) and The Astronauts (1982). In the season three finale Survive the Night, the four friends Archie Andrews (KJ Apa). Hal grabs the projector and plays for Alice and Betty old home videos of himself as a child, being disciplined by his mother. Fortunately Sheriff Keller had decided not to say anything to Kevin about the incident due to the fact that Betty had been a good friend to him, and that it would break his heart.[17]. However, as far as Betty knew, her mother hadn’t come to see her father in months. Hal is impressed, asking what Betty plans to do next. Little did Alice know, Hal's sudden want for a divorce had something to do with Clifford Blossoms' upcoming will-reading. Over Alice's dead body would she allow Polly to run off and give birth at a Farm, though she didn't have much say in the matter as Polly had already made up her mind. However, given that Hal had an affair with Penelope Blossom, Alice tells Hal to kill himself. She wants it to just be between the two of them, just like it's supposed to be.[27]. Hal suggested that Polly settle down, so that they can talk about what to do next. He reveals that Great-Grandpappy Cooper wasn't murdered by his brother. Hal is sorry as her education means everything, but the good news is that Betty will have colleges lining up to give her scholarships. Fans have long suspected that Betty's dad is somehow involved in the Black Hood murders but is he actually the man behind the mask? Hal then kicked the door down to find Polly attempting to commit suicide, this is why she was sent away. He entered the house to the strong aroma of bleach. They entered the lobby to find Archie pacing back and forth, covered in his father's blood. 18 juil. This quiz is incomplete! Find Harold Cooper's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading people search directory for contact information and public records. He has tan skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. There were reports of attacks on the south side, law enforcement and residents were gunning for the Serpents, and crime was on the rise. Archieverse Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Cheryl asked while sitting quietly in the dark as he headed for the front door. Průvodce obsazením seriálu Riverdale . Which is why she had decided against telling her. Not even be a serial killer. Hal found his wife's tone to be a little unsettling, as it almost sounded like joy. And Sinners have to die. Before leaving, he told Alice and Betty to call him once Chic was gone. Alice remarked that Polly was no longer apart of their lives and that therefore, it was no longer her room. Betty reassured her, stating that Polly is fine and the babies are healthy. Hal was furious with Betty after learning that she published an archived article at the Blue and Gold of Alice's arrest from many years ago, when she was a young member of the Southside Serpents. This is why they need each other. Lochlyn MunroBeckham Skodje (young)Zachary Hayden (teen) Hal did not attend closing night for the Twilight Drive-In, nor was he with Alice, which that led Betty to believe that he was not only the culprit that broke into Sheriff Keller's house, and stole all the case files on Jason's murder, but that he might have been the person who killed him. Afterward, they laid him down in Polly's room to rest for the night. After some time spent with Penelope, Hal prepared to leave. Hal couldn't be happier to have them both back the the Register. He offered to help get rid of Chic. He asked if Alice knew what kind of person they had welcomed into their home, in the room next to Betty's no less. Relatives order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Because Penelope called and dressed Chic up like Jason. She informs him that she slept with FP, who in every way that Hal's not, is a real man. Hal calls Betty to tell her that he and Alice are about to head to the debate. It would seem that Hal plans on killing Betty and Alice, along with himself. Two days had passed since their discussion with Betty, and so Hal and Alice attended the Town Hall meeting, where Mayor McCoy welcomed all to the event in hopes that she could address their concerns and if possible, ease their minds, as she too shared their desire to protect their town and their children. He ran the Hostel, and sometimes, he booked clients for them. Penelope Blossom shot Hal Cooper in the head after Betty refused to kill him. Commenting on the image, one fan on social media said: “I just looked at Lochlyn Munro’s Instagram freed and it looks like he was on set for the Halloween episode too. Betty confronts Hal with the information she’s gathered, that he wasn’t at ascension night and that he only knows what he knows because Penelope told him. The following evening, as Hal and Alice sat in the living room, reading books, Betty returned home with Chic hanging over her shoulder. Alice questioned the legitimacy of the so-called helpline, connecting it to the Red Circle. Prior to the start of the series, Harold Cooper was born to Louis Cooper and an unnamed mother. Close. She thought Chic could help her understand it, but really it was the Black Hood who did. Will Hal Cooper be rising from the dead for Halloween? The rich bitch with a secret heart of gold, Veronica Lodge is the spoiled, pampered daughter of billionaires. He rips off his hood and tells Betty that this has to end. After the murder, his family severed ties with the Blossoms and their name, eventually taking a new one; Cooper. Actor She was wondering when they were going to address the real problem in Riverdale, which is the south side. Hal then revealed that Betty's great-grandfather wasn't just murdered by a Blossom, he actually was one. He knows that it greatly angers Betty that she hasn’t caught him yet and even offers to help her. After Betty revived from a coma (but with paralyzed legs) after getting involved in a heated street race between Archie and Reggie, Hal told Archie's father Fred that Archie wasn't allowed near Betty, and insisted that Betty have no contact with the Andrews at all. [23], At the Pembrooke Hal interviewed Hermione Lodge for the Register in what was her first time speaking out since her announcement for candidacy as mayor. O čtyři roky později se opět zjeví a začne nepřátelům prodávat utajené informace. Occupation Maybe not every murderer is guilty and maybe not every victim is innocent, Betty says. He demands to know what they were doing. Every time you've seen the Black Hood on screen, it's been a stunt actor. Later that day, Sheriff Keller arrives at the Cooper house to question Chic as he has been talking to everyone who was at Riverdale High School the night of the musical. He'd be taking the letter into evidence, but claimed that he would send them a copy afterwards. Betty believes that they're stronger after surviving it. Riverdale season 4: Betty Cooper rocked by shock marriage? 32 notes. Also in attendance was Cheryl, Penelope, Nana Rose and Toni. Sheriff agrees and then leaves. Until then, everyone urged Archie to go home, and get changed. Riverdale season 4: Jughead’s fate ‘sealed’ as new teacher arrives, Riverdale season 4 Netflix release date, cast, trailer, plot. 1 year ago. Like Betty, Chic once dug his nails into the palms of his hands. She figured she would indulge him given that they're practically on lock-down due to the riot. To play this quiz, please finish editing it. [7], Following Polly's baby shower, which he did not attend, Hal, while watching a baseball game, was confronted by Alice, who had learned that Hal made an appointment with a doctor to get Polly an abortion after learning of her pregnancy with Jason Blossom's child, which he kept secret from Alice. Hal holds Betty's had and tells her about his own darkness. Alongside the picture, Lochlyn said: “Very good script..WOW!! Like his wife, Alice, Hal is typically dressed in professional clothing, suits or collared shirts and vests. There's always been this darkness inside of her. He and Alice agreed that while it was the best thing Betty had written, they didn't believe it should be published for a number of reasons. Hal has outlived his usefulness, and so Penelope pulls out her gun and shoots Hal in the head.[34]. He found a copy online and was saving it for Betty's birthday. Hal stands alongside Alice and Betty as the service commences. Alice surmised that Polly didn't want them to be apart of the babies' lives. Darryl Doiley was poisoned with Oleander. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly after the big reveal on last week's episode (May 9), Lochlyn Munro who plays Hal on the show revealed that he has never actually been under the hood on screen. In consideration of everything that was going on, Hal whispered to her that now was not the time. The relationship is toxic, on both sides, and their recent behavior reflects that, or so Alice claimed.[4]. How did Harold Cooper, better known as the Black Hood, die in Riverdale? Harry Lennix, known by fans as Assistant Director Harold Cooper on The Blacklist, is giving back to the Chicago community.Lennix will help turn a warehouse in South Side Chicago into a “two-theater complex” to hold the Congo Square Theatre Company and a new museum that celebrates the legacy and involvement of the Black community in the performing arts, according to the Chicago Tribune. But, not even she knows. Alice explained that it was revenge, though Betty claimed that it was justice against her and her holier-than-thou attitude. However, that didn't stop Hal from being the target of Betty's suspicions. Furthermore, the divorce had little to nothing to do with Penelope. Archie asks where his father is, to which Arti replies that Archie was supposed to go get him. Before moving to Cynthia's current city of Decatur, GA, Cynthia lived in Riverdale GA and Union City GA. However, Betty isn’t sure. He asks if she should come home, but Betty wants to meet where it all began, with her speech at town hall. He told them about Alice's redecorating of the office, a reference to her throwing a brick through the front window. Hal had no idea that the Black Hood used that book. Due to his family's history with the Blossom family, he harbors a deep hatred for members of the Blossom family. Hal asks if Betty still believes that Penelope’s a monster who deserve to be in jail. Riverdale season 4, episode 2 promo: What will happen next? As requested, Betty brings Hal a manual for G&G, and as promised, Hal signs the affidavit. Join Facebook to connect with Harold M Cooper and others you may know. A couple people claim they saw Chic backstage just before the show. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. The actor has yet to directly address the rumours surrounding his return to the show. He is portrayed by Lochlyn Munro. So Betty delivered Chic to the Black Hood. When he was a child, his father killed the Conway family because Mr. Conway had blackmailed him about Louis' father's secret. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Penelope calls an end to all of it. She thinks she did well.[30]. February 12, 1970 (age: 49) It was only her and Chic. He killed Great-Grandpappy Blossom and then took on the Cooper name to create a new identity for himself. Hal was then told to convince Joseph Conway; the only survivor to name someone else as the murderer of his family. They've been piecing together clues, rounding up a list of suspects (including Hal Cooper and Sheriff Keller) and sharing theories online: He eventually married his high school sweetheart, Alice and later had two daughters, named Betty and Polly. 8. At the debate, Hal sits not that far behind Betty. Hal's relationship with his daughter, Polly, became estranged after she got pregnant with Jason Blossom's babies. Their secrets can't hurt them anymore and they can be together again. [2], Hal and Alice attended the first annual Taste of Riverdale, in celebration for the upcoming 75th anniversary of their town. He was aware of them and claims that he sent out the invitations for ascension night, dressed up as the Gargoyle King, and poisoned the chalices. Riverdale season 4 Netflix release time: What time is it released? She then asked of Chic, who she joked was up in his room, entertaining people. Polly was worried about her well being, as well as the well being of her unborn babies. Hal questions what Alice is worried that Chic will say. The Black Hood then calls Betty and tells her to come home or else her mother will die. In the ensuing argument, Hal insisted that sending Polly to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy wasn't enough because the child belonged to the Blossoms. At Fred Andrews's funeral, Betty visits her father's grave. Just in case that Betty still suspected him of being involved in the attacks, Sheriff Keller handed her his logbook, which documented his whereabouts for each attack. Afterwards, Hal comes downstairs as he prepares to meet Alice at the Register. She fires, but rather than killing her father, she simply shoots off his fingers, as she’ll never be like him. However, there was no need for such doing. Archived. Riverdale: Who did … She called out to them for help as Chic's arm had been sliced open. The Black Hood then appears. Chic's attacker's name was Marcel. The Register (formerly) She told him that her mother was a harlot, a modern-day Moll Flanders, she added. Furthermore, they'll survive whatever comes next. Her suspicions are confirmed when the Black Hood attacks Cheryl at Thistlehouse. Hal and Betty hiding during the Black Hood attack. While Archie headed into the hallway to call his mother, and inform her of Fred's shooting, Alice accused the Southside Serpents of potentially being involved, and looked to Jughead for answers. Betty told Chic that he didn't have to answer her father's questions but he did so regardless. Both Hal and Betty both expressed interest in the type of clients Chic catered to. He places Hal in handcuffs and puts him into the squad car.[28]. After learning that Chic is an impostor and that he is tied up in the basement, Hal blows up. He had even offered to pay them rent. Though, the guard tells Betty that Alice comes by to visit Hal every Monday. While they were gone, Hal gained access to Chic's computer. Chic was filling a void, as far as Hal was concerned and it was the only reason Chic was staying with them. Shot in the head (by Penelope) Jason being of the Blossom family, who Hal openly despised, only made matters worse between them as Polly never understood the root of his hatred for them. The Conways discovered this secret. [Source]. If they lose, they die. As Cheryl gave a speech, Clifford's twin brother, Claudius Blossom interrupted the will-reading. Alice lies to Hal and tells him that Betty had no involvement in the cover up. 2019 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Jessica . Hal began to question everyone's strange behavior as of late. Which he always suspected though he didn't care. 59. Nonetheless, Hal pushed his way through the door to remind Chic that it was still his house after all. Cause of Death While Alice was off at a women and journalism spa retreat, Hal took the opportunity to work on his car, however, that was halted as Betty entered the garage, wanting to talk about Polly. And years later, when Jason was murdered, none of them even reached out to her. Created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. He counts down from three, leaving Betty with no other option. Benjamin Blossom † (ancestor)Barnabas B. Blossom † (great-great-grandfather) Unnamed Blossom Great-Uncle†Unnamed Blossom Grandfather †Louis Cooper † (father)Unnamed MotherAlice Cooper (ex-wife)Polly Cooper (daughter)Betty Cooper (daughter)Charles Smith (stepson)Juniper and Dagwood (grandchildren via Polly)Rose Blossom (1st cousin, 1× removed)Clifford Blossom † (2nd cousin)Claudius Blossom † (2nd cousin)Penelope Blossom (2nd cousin-in-law)Jason Blossom † (2nd cousin, 1× removed)Cheryl Blossom (2nd cousin, 1× removed) To no surprise, they are met by Jughead, Veronica, and Hermione. Hal explains to Betty that he didn’t kill Chic because he recognized a kinship in him and spared him. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. Reluctantly, Alice offered him a seat. As Hal tried to cope with the news, Alice struggled to hold back her tears. Though, Chic was surprisingly unbothered by Hal's remarks. He left the house, but he didn't return to the ShareBNB where he claimed that he would be staying. At the breakfast table with Alice, Betty and Chic, Hal began an intrusive line of questioning, starting with how long Chic planned on staying with them. Moments later, Hal was dead, as were Alice and Polly. She sits at the table alongside Jason, Cheryl, Pop, Penelope, Clifford, Reggie, Hiram, Hermione, Alice, Kevin, Tom, Sierra, FP, Jellybean, Toni, Jughead, Betty, and Mary in his dining room. He died on April 11, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California, USA. Especially if Polly actually was sick, and it wasn’t just some delusion that Harold Cooper had come up with out of whole cloth to try to discredit his ex-wife. However, after revealing that the real reason he was upset about Polly's pregnancy was because she and Jason were blood relatives, the relationship became less hostile. He scolded Betty for prying into something that had nothing to do with her or Polly. Hal did unspeakable, horrible things. Not once. He then pulls out his gun and points it at her. However, Betty confronts him before he does. It's official: The Black Hood has returned to Riverdale and he's out for blood once again. Later that night, as Pickens Day was coming to an end, Hal was approached by Penelope as he sat alone, eating a maple snow-cone. Alice reminded Hal that she had thrown him out the house before and that she would not hesitate to do it again. Hal wonders if Betty can ever forgive him, Betty’s encounter with Penelope has shaken her world view and there was only one person she could talk to about it, that being her father. She stormed off, with Hal not far behind, hoping to talk some sense into her.[14]. Hal apologized for Betty's actions as he couldn't image where she could've gotten the idea from. In reality, on the night of Christmas Eve, Hal and Fred were called down to Pop's by Sheriff Keller after Betty and Archie were attacked by the Black Hood. She and Betty tried to explain to Hal that Chic wasn't hurting anyone and that he had found a job at the Bijou. Instead, he was the killer. Cheryl sings a song in Midge's honor. His throat is slit. There was a lot of anger flowing through town, and at the moment, it was directed at the Serpents, so Hal and Alice didn't want the rage to turn towards Betty. Hal explained to Alice that he is firing her from the paper as retaliation for being kicked out of the house. "Chapter Sixty-Two: Witness for the Prosecution" (flashback) Betty suspects it may be Edgar, who her mother spends most of her time at the Farm with. As Fred and Hermione discuss restoring safety to the town, the Black Hood is spotted on the balcony with a rifle. Hal approaches Betty and demands that she say who he is. Betty asks why Hal wanted this discussion recorded. For him, it's over. Chapter Three: The Trial of Sabrina Spellman, Chapter Thirteen: The Passion of Sabrina Spellman, Chapter Fifteen: Doctor Cerberus's House of Horror, Chapter Eighteen: The Miracles of Sabrina Spellman, Chapter Thirty-Two: The Imp of the Perverse, Chapter Thirty-Six: At the Mountains of Madness, Chapter One: Once Upon a Time in New York, Chapter Three: What Becomes of the Broken Hearted, Chapter Eight: It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), Chapter Sixty-Two: Witness for the Prosecution. Related articles. Polly is the younger sister of Charles Smith, as well as the older sister of Betty Cooper. The Black Hood actor took to Instagram to share a picture of the season four episode five script front cover which had been watermarked with his name. This resulted in a heavy debate between her and Fred as the two argued over how best to handle the problem, which only came to an end after Betty and Jughead interrupted the meeting to announce the supposed arrival of the Black Hood. "Chapter One: The River's Edge" This is why Hal believes he can solve the mystery of who the present Gargoyle King is. He hated the Blossom family for stealing the Cooper family legacy, as well as Polly being pregnant with Jason's child, which gave Hal motive. But when things weren’t going her way, Penelope gave Betty an ultimatum: either shoot her dad or he would kill her and continue to murder the innocent people of Riverdale. Betty explains that it’s wrong and that Penelope’s been getting away with murder for years. Penelope calls in the two remaining guest, the Black Hood and the Gargoyle King. He was a director and producer, known for Maude (1972), Gimme a Break! Příštích dvacet let stráví budováním sítě zlodějů, hackerů a zabijáků. Had passed on. When Hal decides that it's better to let the police deal with Chic, Alice says that they can't because she would go to jail as well. But it was in series three of the Netflix show that viewers saw the notorious villain get his comeuppance. He was an officer in the US Navy prior to joining the FBI. [16], Hal received a call from Sheriff Keller, telling him to come down to the Sheriff Station after he had caught Betty breaking into his house, and rummaging through his home office for proof that the Sheriff was the Black Hood. 59. Betty handed them the letter, which was sent to her by the Black Hood, along with the cipher that she had earlier turned over to Alice, revealing that she had withheld evidence from them in an attempt to solve the cipher herself.[15]. However, Hal refused to publish Alice's article, which would benefit her personal grudges. Hal and Alice learned from Betty that Polly gave birth to the twins at the Farm. Riverdale season 4: Is Jason Blossom alive? Not only would people think that she was simply doing it for her boyfriend, Jughead, but there was also the concern for her well-being. He started working with Penelope, who also has a grudge against Riverdale. Hal falls to the ground in pain, with his gun just a few feet away. r/riverdale: Riverdale is a television series for The CW/Netflix, based on characters from Archie Comics. Express. Hal and Alice accused Betty of sounding just as crazy as Polly, who Hal claimed was depressed and delusional, and her story about running off with Jason, just a fantasy.[6]. So if there’s a witness then it’s not a perfect murder and Betty has a chance at proving her suspicions. During his high school years, Alice, who was simply his girlfriend at the time became pregnant with FP Jones's baby. Hal had returned home, and they were all acting as if the last few months never happened. [18], Hal and Alice learning about Polly's babies. Posted by. Betty's not like that or like Hal, leaving him to wonder why she even came by. Hal stood by the doorway as Alice comforted him and explained that they had a lot to talk about.[19]. Hal is suspected of being the Black Hood by Betty. After remarking that it must've been a lot of soup given that the house smelled like a hospital, Hal headed upstairs to get the toiletries he had come for. She thought that she would turn Penelope in, but hearing her talk, seeing how she’s living her life and how she’s been twisted, Betty almost feels pity for her.

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