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Quick view Compare Choose Options. Oolong’s can either be more like a green tea or more like a black tea. One of Taiwan’s most famous Oolong tea is the ORIENTAL BEAUTY, also known as DONG FANG MEI REN, BAI HAO, White Tip Oolong, Champagne Oolong or PONG FONG CHA. The oriental beauty tea is a variation of oolong tea that originates in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. The tiny bites don't necessarily cause bite holes. First, our tea is made from Ruan Zhi oolong (TRES № 17). It produces a smooth cup with layers of depth and flavour. What to Look For. Quick view Compare Choose Options. Oriental Beauty would be more likened to a black tea although is not as dark. Add to Cart. This gives the tea an unusual flavour note. Thai Beauty is quite distinct from her Taiwanese sister. This tea is usually bitten by a tiny bug, the jassid leafhopper. This makes for an excellent cup of tea, with China Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea showcasing the best of the best. The tea’s original name is actually “Eastern Beauty”, or “Dongfang Meiren” in Mandarin, whereas “Oriental Beauty” is its trade name. The tea plants react to this attack by producing more polyphenols, which during processing give the unique ‘beauty tea’ flavour, usually described as a honey-like taste and aroma. Plants are kept short in order to make sure the leaves are nibbled by leafhoppers, which gives the world famous tea its characteristic taste and aroma. Oriental Beauty - Champagne Oolong Description: Oriental Beauty, also known as Dongang Meiren, or Champagne Oolong is a wonderfully complex oolong from Taiwan which stands out from all others due in large part to the role of hungry Green Tea Leafhoppers in helping develop the complex notes found in the finished product. Unlike most of high quality Taiwanese oolong teas, which are harvested in spring or winter, Classical Oriental Beauty is made from summer harvest, tea leaves picked in June and July. These tea green leafhoppers love to bite into the leaf. This is without a doubt the best tea in the world. As low as £47.00. Oriental Beauty Competition Winner Oolong Tea. This is one of the most famous Oolong in Taiwan and in the world: Oriental Beauty, the braggart’s tea, the Oolong of the 5 colors, white tips Oolong, BaiHao Oolong 白毫烏龍. Oriental Beauty ingredient: premium, organic Taiwanese oolong that is produced from leaves bitten by the tea jassid, which releases terpenes that create a honey-like taste. Called Bai Hao Silver Tip –or Dongfang Meiren, Oriental Beauty– this Taiwanese tea is hand-rolled, with a unique orchid aroma and notes of peach and honey. Available as a limited edition 1kg lot. The oxidation degree of tea is 80%, which is close to the level of black tea. Taiwan Popular White Tip Oolong Oriental Beauty Tea is the most popular variety of oolong tea originated from Taiwan. For the best taste result, we recommend a dosage of 3 grams Oriental Beauty Oolong tea on 200ml of hot water. We are thrilled that we have once again been able to secure a batch of this exquisite oolong tea. $51.99. This Supreme Oriental Beauty Oolong is made from a Qing Xin (青心) or Green Heart cultivar. At this, select water temperature of 85°C after boiling. Eastern Beauty or Oriental Beauty is a heavy oxidised Taiwanese Oolong which is very rich in terpenes - volatile aromatics giving the tea a potent fragrance. Growing on the foothills around 500m in elevation is one of Taiwan's tea treasures, Oriental Beauty Oolong. Here, the mountains give way to rolling hills, and the mild climate is ideal for growing tea. Add to list Oriental Beauty Tea - Loose 2oz/56g: $18.95: Add 0. Oriental Beauty tea is one of the most famous oolongs from Taiwan. Taiwanese Oriental Beauty Oolong leaves will have characteristic white furry tips, hence the alternative “nickname” White Tip Oolong. Taiwan Premium 'Oriental Beauty' Oolong Tea. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. 1 Reviews | Add Your Review. The highest grade of Oriental Beauty Oolong we offer is of limited quantity. Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea $12.10 PROFILE: MUSCATEL, CITRUS, HONEY SWEET. Oriental beauty is a speciality oolong from Taiwan. Shop Taiwan Oriental Beauty Oolong-Dongfang Meiren - White Tip Oolong Tea. Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea $ 47.50. There really is nothing like an exquiste Oriental Beauty Oolong - the distinctive notes of honey and citrus in a velvet textured liquor bring you to an instant and deep appreciation of the tea culture and tea artistry of Taiwan. We now have a new 2020 summer offering as well as the remaining 2018 harvest which has continued to age well. This hand-picked oriental beauty is special because its processed of oxidation relies a lot on the green leafhopper. "Oriental Beauty" was the most refined "Fan Zhuang Wu Long" (番莊烏龍), a tea that adopted Wu Yi style tea processing back at the time. The insect bite then upsets and changes the chemical composition of Oriental Beauty, your quick and smart beauty trick. Oriental Beauty Tea is made with Jacobiasca formosana bitten tea, so tea gardens can not use any pesticides. In making the Oriental Beauty, as the moisture content of tea leaf is generally higher than ordinary high mountain tea, the withering process of Oriental Beauty takes a much longer time. Little insects play an important role in bringing out the sweetness and freshness of this tea. Spread your lively energy and embrace your glowing skin. Oriental Beauty Oolong Loose Tea. Also known as Dongfang Meiren (“Eastern Beauty”), Bai Hao Oolong (“White Tip Oolong”) and Pengfeng Cha (“Braggart’s Tea”), Oriental Beauty is a unique and famous tea. Because it was a tea that was unexpectedly sold when the normal would have been to discard it. During the hot and humid summer period, tea leaves are allowed to be bitten by small leafhoppers known as "green fly". 25g / 0.88oz 50g / 1.76oz Qty. These tea green leafhoppers love to bite into the leaf. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. SKU: L-OB Categories: Oolong, Seasonal & Reserve, Single Origin, Taiwan. Bai Hao Oolong * Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea 50g 1.76 oz. HARVEST: JULY 2018 or JULY 2020. This causes the tea bush to react and produce elements that bring out a unique sweet flavour. Dong Fang Mei Ren oolong is a long twisted version of the Beauty, which can also be rolled into hemispheres - such tea is called Gui Fei oolong. The leaf is dark and twisty, with a sttrong tea aroma with a fruity note. Instead, the plant actually releases a natural sweetness enzyme to attract predators of the leaf . It has an incomparable flavour and fragrance born of the unique area in which it is grown and made. 16.95. Bursting with notes of subtle pear, crisp apple and sandalwood, the resulting flavour is incredibly rich, sweet, and smooth with a robust fragrant character. This amplified level of terpenes is due to the processing of the leaf but it can be even more complex if the leaf is attacked by the Jassid or Leaf Hopper before picking. This tea green leafhoppers love to bite into the leaf. The tiny bites don't necessarily cause bite holes. Representative of Taiwanese Oolong Tea Hand-picked tea leaves are processed through heavy oxidation under strict quality control, packed… You can imagine that it is black tea with honey-like aroma and oolong tea sweetness. Why is this tea so special? It is unique taste, comes from the specific tea cultivar ' quing xin da mao and from the 'leaves response to being bitten by bugs. Why? This particular lot of Oriental Beauty is hand-picked, from Qing Xin bushes in Hsinchu County, and produced in Summer of 2020. Grown on tea farms in Sanxia, New Taipei City at altitudes of between 300 – 800 meters, where the humidity and sunshine produce one of the best authentic Oriental Beauty Tea. Twisted shoots of dark green color and silver down make this floral tea. Instead, the plant actually releases a natural sweetness enzyme to attract predators of the leaf Before a bud and two leaves are carefully hand picked in mid June, the tea garden await the arrival of a tea-loving insect, the tea jassid, which nibbles the leaves. Package Contains Dry Loose Leaf Tea . This high quality loose leaf tea is naturally sweet with hints of peach and honey. Tea tips. It is grown at an altitude of 600m and was harvested in June 2020. Oriental Beauty can only be made with the Chinsing Dah Pan cultivar. Oriental Beauty (Oolong) Tea Can. Oriental Beauty A.K.A Bai Hao Oolong. Oriental Beauty (Oolong) Tea Can. As all other oolongs, it can be used for multiple infusions, though it is best to steep it for 2-3 minutes only, as longer brewing can lead to a bitter taste in your cup. History of China Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea. About Oriental Beauty: Dong Feng Mei Ren (Oriental Beauty) is a famous oolong, which originated in the Hsinchu province of Taiwan. Oriental Beauty tea is a medium-fermented oolong made of bug bitten leaves. Oriental Beauty is special—the layers of sweetness and flavor have to be experienced, and they have forever changed the way we view tea. The dry leaf has a wide mix of green, brown, and sliver leaves. A smoother fix with a fruity taste and honey scent to rejuvenate yourself after a restless night. Then, let infuse for 2-3 minutes. It is white tip oolong tea or Champagne oolong. $9.99. Facebook 0 Twitter Pinterest 0. Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea (Dongfang Meiren or Dong Fang Mei Ren) from Hsinchu County is also known as Eastern Beauty, Bai Hao, Silver Tip Oolong, Silver Tip Formosa, Dong Feng Mei Ren, Peng Feng, Pong Fong and Braggart's Tea. What makes this tea so special? £7.20. Oriental Beauty tea is an amazing oolong tea from Taiwan. Widely considered by experts to be one of the best in the world, Oriental Beauty Taiwanese Oolong is picked in the north-western region of Hsinchu County, where the tea-green leafhopper is allowed to feed on the tea bushes. Traditionally, it is grown in Hsinchu County, in the north of Taiwan. Weight. China is the home of Oolong Loose Leaf Tea. Oriental Beauty Supreme is a top grade Dong Fang Mei Ren (東方美人) or Bai Hao “white tip” (白毫) oolong from the famous Emei Township of Hsinchu County. Very smooth with a sweet with lingering apricot notes. This tea undergoes a unique processing step while the tea leaves are still growing on the bush. The tea leaf used for Oriental Beauty consists of only single bud and two leaves, which is different from that of ordinary high mountain oolong tea whereby 4 to 5 leaves are required. There are also health benefits to drinking this brew which include improved digestive health, stronger bones, and weight loss capabilities. Product Name Price Qty; Oriental Beauty Tea - Loose 1oz/28g: $9.95: Add 0. EVER TRUST TEA Brand Oriental Beauty Taiwan Gao Shan Oolong … Shop Tea Soul Oriental Beauty Premium Loose Leaf Oolong Taiwan Tea, 50 g. This hand-picked oriental beauty is special because it's processed of oxidation relies a lot on the green leafhopper. I'm very excited to offer a gold medal winning (AVPA) Oriental Beauty! Production is centred around Beipu town and traditionally takes place in summer. O riental Beauty is an ultra-rare Taiwanese oolong. Bai Hao Oolong * Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea 500g 1.1 lb. Nocturnal by nature, these cricket-like insects swiftly leap, fly, nibble, and hide throughout the tea garden. Taiwan. Even with western preparation, this tea will maintain taste and aroma for 4 to 5 infusions. Oriental Beauty (Dong Fang Mei Ren) is an Oolong Tea which is regarded as the most complex type of tea. ORIGIN: MOC CHAU, SON LA, VIETNAM. Workers pluck young tea leaves for the making of Oriental Beauty Oolong in Hsinchu County Taiwan. Our tea grower moved from Taiwan to Yunnan, China a few years ago and brought along with him a vast knowledge, artistry, and experience with this type of tea. 25g. EVER TRUST TEA. It's only when nature cooperates in early Summer, there is an abundance of crickets when the tea plant is at its healthiest and fullest. This is also a name which came about in the early 20th century (around 1820s) literally means "a tea for selling to uncivilized people", because the foreigners (especially British) consumed and enjoyed this style of tea very much. This tea is a heavily fermented and non-roasted. Weight. Quantity: Add To Cart. DRAGON TEA HOUSE. Oriental Beauty Oolong is classed as a ‘beauty tea’, which is a highly unusual class of oolongs, affected by the presence of little green leaf hoppers that nibble the tea leaves during growth. It is also known as White Tip Oolong due to its obvious white color tea tips. Oriental Beauty Oolong was the most precious tea in 19th century Taiwan. Cultivar - Qing Xin Da Fang; Picked - Autumn; Oxidisation level - 60%; Tasting notes.

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