why did simba fight scar

So Simba learns the lesson and returns home to fight Scar. Mufasa: Scar! Once Simba was born, he had to start looking. So for me that is like saying i killed Scar.And it is also like saying my best friend and me killed Scar together as one. Simba defeats Scar and throws him off Pride Rock into the smoke below, where he meets the defeated hyenas. Terrified, Scar pleads for his life, blaming his crimes on the hyenas; unaware that Shenzi, Banzai and Ed have followed him and can hear Scar's condemnation. As we expect, Scar then confronts Simba with the terrible thing that he did. Well, not in the traditional sense. Why rush to the throne when you can saunter? Why does everyone say that Simba killed him. But that is not true. Eventually, Simba traps his uncle on Pride Rock's summit. Myth: Scar was a poor leader This is why he wasn't at Simba's presentation. In answer, Scar attacks Simba, and the two fight. 2.Scar sees Simba as a threat to him becoming King He also knows Scar blames not only him, but Simba for him not being king. The answer is yes, he did. Oh, I feel simply awful. In early storyboards that are now available to see online, the final battle between Simba and Scar ... Scar originally won the fight and threw Simba off Pride Rock, instead of the other way round. Vengeful Scar isn't Simba's uncle. It is actually is the hyenas that kill Scar but you know Kovus mother says that Simba killed Scar. A fierce battle ensues between Scar's hyenas and Simba's friends and family while Simba alone goes to fight Scar. Because before Simba came along, Scar was the heir. Simba refuses to believe Scar's lies, but spares his life regardless, not wanting to become the monster that Scar is. Scar’s refusal to do so means that, even if he were successful as a ruler, there will be no stability and longevity to his reign - a fatal flaw that Simba and his allies can exploit. Yet, in this case, it does cause many to wonder if Scar actually died. So Simba is not guilty for killing Scar. At first, Simba … Self-preservation is the right of all! It's also a matter of opportunity. Scar: Why if it isn't my big brother descending from on high to mingle with the commoners. He refers to Simba as a 'hairball' and is generally disrespectful toward the cub. (scratches claws against a rock like nails on a chalkboard, irritating Zazu) Must've slipped my mind. Instead of killing him, he commands that he leave the Pride Lands forever. Fans remember Simba for saving the kingdom from Scar, and for his love of Nala, and his friendship with Timon & Pumbaa, and yes, all of those aspects of the character are true. In parallel, she is convinced that Simba assassinated Scar, and did not defeat him in a square fight himself, so she sees her plan as a more karmic retribution to punish Simba's alleged treachery. Also, Simba challenging Scar was the rightful king returning to take his place on the throne, not some random lion popping in to try and seize power. Yes, Scar eventually conspires to kill an innocent cub, but it was either going to be Mufasa and Simba or him! Scar: That was today? In fact, if Scar were alive to see his children grow, he would've plotted against them … Mufasa: Sarabi and I didn't see you at the presentation of Simba. His brother would have annihilated him in a straight fight, so he needed to find a situation in which Mufasa was vulnerable. We see shadows of the ensuing fight, but we don’t need to see the grisly details.

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